Participation in the necropsy of seals found on the Polish coast, including anatomopathological assessment in order to perform further post-mortem examinations


Deadline for submission the offers:

September 28th , 2023

Place and method of submitting offers:

By post to the address:

Prof. Krzysztof Skóra Hel Marine Station

University of Gdansk
ul. Morska 2
84 – 150 Hel

By e-mail to the address:

Contact person & phone number

Wojciech Górski

+48 601 889 940

Short order description

Participation in the necropsy of up to 30 seals obtained from the Polish coast, ongoing anatomopathological assessment of individuals undergoing necropsy, veterinary substantive supervision of the necropsy along with control of the collection of biological samples, preparation of necropsy documentation for further post-mortem analyzes of the health condition of the seal population.

The purpose of the order

The purpose of the order is to perform anatomopathological analysis of seals undergoing necropsy and to supervise the course and collection of biological samples from the obtained individuals for further post-mortem analyzes of seals, aimed at assessing the health condition of the Baltic seal population and diagnosing the causes of death.

Order description

Scope of tasks and responsibilities of selected Contractors:

  • conducting an external inspection
  • visual inspection and anatomopathological description of internal organs
  • collection of tissue samples for further post-mortem analyses
  • age assessment of the examined seals
  • parasitological assessment of the examined individuals
  • preparation of a veterinary section report

Three experienced veterinarians are required to participate in the seal sections. Individual and team offers may be submitted. The most advantageous offer will be selected from among all individual (3 best) or team offers submitted

Additional order description

Seals necropsies will be carried out in Prof. Krzysztof Skóra Hel Marine Station, University of Gdańsk, in Hel. The Customer does not provide transport or catering.


After selecting the Contractor (s), a contract (s) will be signed within fourteen days.

The necropsies will take place on October 9-11th, 2023.

Knowledge and experience

  • veterinary degree
  • experience in performing necropsies of seals and in anatomopathological analyses
  • knowledge of the biology of marine mammals in the Baltic Sea
  • experience and proficiency in preparing section reports

Additional conditions

  • knowledge of specialist English
  • ability to organize work
  • knowledge of health and safety rules when working with infectious and hazardous materials
  • resistance to difficult working conditions

List of documents / statements required from the


Confirmation of experience in conducting dissections of seals from the supervisor

Contractor selection

Assessment criteria and description of how the points are awarded


  1. Price – 70%

formula: C = The lowest price among all evaluated offers / Price of the evaluated offer

  1. Numbers of dissection (P) – 30%
Numbers of dissection Number of points awarded
5 – 7 10
8 – 9 20
10 < 30

R = C*70 + P

R -Number of points obtained (max 100)